retirement income planning new jersey philadelphiaYou have worked hard for a long time. After years of sacrifices and diligent preparation, you are ready for a comfortable and meaningful retirement. Now is the time to determine how to best make your money work for you.

Retirement income planning – or mapping out how you will draw income from your nest egg for a retirement lifetime – is a critical part of any successful retirement plan. Not only should your income strategy have a clearly-defined roadmap for various income streams – it should also account for future asset distribution requirements and include ways to minimize taxation.

Under personal guidance from Marrone Financial, you will discover effective strategies to convert your retirement assets into income streams, and to deploy those sources efficiently for monthly spending needs. You shouldn’t have to worry about where your money will be coming from month to month. We will work closely with you to learn your short-term and long-term financial and income goals, and develop an efficient, forward-thinking strategy tailored to your unique needs and situation. Our overall goals are to give you greater financial security, lifelong income certainty, and peace of mind.

To get started, please call us at (856) 988-6618 or fill out the request consultation form. We will arrange an initial appointment to discuss your goals and situation, at no cost or obligation to you. It’s all about learning of your financial picture!

Why is Retirement Income Planning Important?

During your earlier years, you may have focused on wealth accumulation – saving and investing as much as possible to build assets up for later years. However, time passes and priorities evolve. As people retire or approach retirement, a shift in financial mindset may be appropriate. It’s time to start considering how your asset holdings will generate income to support you in your retirement years.

As medical innovations and technologies evolve, lifespans are increasing. This increases longevity risk, or the possibility of running out of money over an extended retirement lifespan. According to the 2015 Wells Fargo Affluent Investors Survey:

  • 62% said they expect to live 20 years or more in retirement.
  • Over a third, 35% said they expect to live 25+ years in retirement.
  • Almost 50% expect to spend 25 years or more in retirement.

retirement income planning services new jerseyLife expectancies are on the rise, as the Social Security Administration notes. According to Social Security Administration data, a 65-year-old couple today has a 50% chance that at least one partner will live to be 92 years old.

For today's generation of pre-retirees and post-retirees, this can mean more years to plan for monthly household expenses, as well as more expenses tied to aging, including medical care costs and long-term care costs.

Marrone Financial: Your Local Income Planning Experts

With 20 years in the business, Mike Marrone, Senior Partner at Marrone Financial, understands your world. After speaking with you about your circumstances, and conducting a thorough fact-finding analysis of your financial picture, we will help you establish an income strategy that’s right for your needs, goals, and situation.

With our help, discover advanced strategies to:

  • Benefit from reliable, lifelong income month-to-month
  • Enjoy more spendable income and more financial freedom to do what you choose
  • Get protection of income against market downturns, falling bond values, or other wealth-erosion factors
  • Enjoy potentially tax-minimized or even tax-free income in retirement
  • Build a personalized plan that fosters greater financial confidence

It begins with a no-obligation, goal-setting strategy session. To request a meeting, please call us at (856) 988-6618 or fill out the request consultation form. We look forward to the possibility of being “Your Partner in Retirement.”

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