wealth preservation strategies photo nj philadelphiaWealth preservation is an important part of a successful retirement plan. As assets build up and grow, so can the need for strategies to keep them intact. Consumer surveys indicate outliving retirement funds to be a financial anxiety for Americans. One-third of Americans say running out of money is a concern, according to the 2015 Wells Fargo Affluent Investors Survey.

A well-designed and integrated wealth preservation strategy will help in many ways. With personal guidance from Marrone Financial, you can develop a clear vision for the future, create an efficient source for lifelong retirement income, and provide a lasting legacy for loved ones. Senior Partner Mike Marrone has two decades of financial experience and will help you find the capital preservation tools and solutions you need to protect your family’s wealth.

It all begins with a one-on-one discussion of your situation, goals, and needs. Come and see the difference personal attention can make. Call us at 856-988-6618 or fill out the “Free Consultation” form to schedule an in-person meeting or a goal-setting session in a setting that’s convenient for you.  

Protecting Capital from Wealth-Eroding Effects

There are a number of factors which can put retirement capital at risk – or even erode it:

  • Investment losses from market downturns
  • Falling bond values due to interest rate risk
  • Income tax liability
  • Wealth transfer tax liability
  • Wealth transfer inefficiencies – probate and more

Marrone Financial understands these dynamics and the needs of you and other local families. We understand your world – your needs, your goals, and your future. We will work closely together with you to understand your short-term and long-term retirement goals – whether they be protection of critical assets from down-markets, an efficient generational wealth transfer, greater lifelong income certainty, or something else.

Once we understand your financial picture, we will introduce you to smart, carefully-tailored strategies designed for your particular needs and situation. Because protection and preservation of assets is just one piece of the puzzle, we also offer holistic planning options for your future. Call us to request a no-obligation appointment or for more information.

Forward-Thinking Wealth Preservation Strategies for Your Goals

wealth preservation strategies new jersey philadelphiaEveryone has different financial and estate planning objectives. Any wealth protection plan should be customized to each individual’s profile, based on their circumstances, needs, goals, risk tolerance, liquidity requirements, and time horizon.

Come and enjoy access to a host of retirement planning options for:

  • Protecting amassed wealth against market volatility
  • Generating permanent, lifelong income
  • Maximizing income security
  • Supplementing income from Social Security, pensions, and/or other sources
  • Providing leverage to pursue your financial objectives

At Marrone Financial, we stress the importance of personalization, from the first meeting to development of a wealth protection strategy that provides security and peace of mind for years to come. As a client, you can be at ease knowing you have prepared well to protect your assets, you have the ability to address your legacy goals during your lifetime, and you are well positioned for the future.

We invite you to see the difference that person attention and service makes. It would be our pleasure to serve you as “Your Partner in Retirement.” Call us at (856) 988-6618 or request a no-obligation consultation to start a conversation about your future, today.

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